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Linate-ulykken – Wikipedia

Linate-ulykken – Wikipedia

Linate-ulykken var en flyulykke mellom et SAS-rutefly og et privatfly som inntraff på Milanos Linate-flyplass den 8. oktober 2001.

Linate Airport disaster – Wikipedia

Scandinavian Airlines System Flight 686, a McDonnell Douglas MD-87 airliner carrying 110 people bound for Copenhagen, Denmark, collided on take-off with a …

«SK 686, cleared to take off» – SAS-pilot før katastrofen … – VG

«SK 686, cleared to take off» – SAS-pilot før katastrofen.: SAS-pilotenes siste melding – VG

10. okt. 2001 — MILANO (VG) Piloten i privatflyet rett bak SK 686-maskinen i Milano ventet på klarsignal til å fly umiddelbart etter at SAS-maskinen var …

MILANO (VG) Piloten i privatflyet rett bak SK 686-maskinen i Milano ventet på klarsignal til å fly umiddelbart etter at SAS-maskinen var lettet. Men han fikk aldri noe klarsignal fra tårnet.

SAS-ulykken på Linate-flyplassen – Historie – Klikk

28. sep. 2021 — Bak to Alitalia-fly kom SAS-maskinen SK686 «Lage Viking», en MD-87 med 104 passasjerer og et mannskap på seks om bord.

SAS-ulykken i Milano – Alle artikler – NRK

Nye feil avdekket. Cessna-flyet som kolliderte med SAS’ rute 686 på Linate-flyplassen i Milano hadde ikke lov til å lande på flyplassen i dårlig sikt.

The Linate Airport Disaster: Italy’s Worst Aviation Accident

12. jan. 2022 — This service bore the number SK686, and it had 104 passengers and six crew onboard. … SE-DMA joined SAS in September 1991.

Scandinavian Airlines 686 CVR Transcript

8. okt. 2001 — The maneuver was judged so skillful that it is now incorporated into SAS technical manuals. All this was insufficient to halt the jet’s momentum …

Cockpit Voice Recorder Transcript of Scandinavian Airlines 686, a MD-87 that collided on takeoff in thick fog with a Citation.

Slurv tok 118 i døden – Dagbladet

Slurv tok 118 i døden

13. jun. 2002 — Tårnet på flyplassen prøvde å kalle opp SK 686 tre ganger. De fikk ikke noe svar. … SAS-flyet hadde fått avgangserklæring fra tårnet.

De 118 som omkom på Linate-flyplassen utenfor Milano, døde på grunn av slurv blant de ansatte i tårnet på flyplassen.

The Invisible Plane – Scandinavian Airlines Flight 686, D-IEVX

The Mammoth Book of Air Disasters and Near Misses – Paul Simpson – Google Bøker

An incredible 30,000 flights – at least – arrive safely at their destinations every day. But a handful don’t, while some come terrifyingly close to crashing. When even the smallest thing does go wrong at 35,000 feet, the result is nearly always a fast-unfolding tragedy. This extensive collection of compelling real-life accounts of air disasters and near-disasters provides a sobering, alternative history of the just over 105 years that passengers have been travelling by air, from the very earliest fatality to recent calamities.But there are incredible stories of heroism against the odds, too, such as that of Captain Chesley Sullenberger who successfully landed his aircraft with both engines gone on the Hudson River in New York, saving the lives of everyone aboard, and of the American Airlines crew who prevented terrorist Richard Reid from exploding a bomb hidden in his shoe three months after 9/11.The book also details the often ingenious, always painstaking work done by air-accident investigators, while a glossary helps to clarify the occasional, inevitable bits of jargon.

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